Friday, 19 October 2007

JDeveloper JSP Compiler Errors in JSF faces

I have run into the following error while modifying JSF pages in JDeveloper on openSUSE. While modifying the page contents using the JDeveloper editor, the page stops working when accessed from the browser and you get an Internal Server Error with a JspCompileException but nothing else. The page was still accessible from the internal JDeveloper Design editor and would complie correctly from inside JDeveloper.

A remedy that sometimes worked was to remove a few components from the page put them back and then hope it would work.

Eventually I came up with the following simple trick. Just remove all contents from ~/jdevhome/mywork/WorkSpace/ViewController/classes/.jsps and rebuild your project.

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shay said...

You can also use the Run-Clean Project menu option to delete the compiled classes instead of manually doing it.