Friday, 2 February 2007

Starting and stopping a version 10g (10.1.2 & 10.1.3) Oracle Application server

Starting up an infrastructure

I have always wanted to put that down since I keep opening my note book each time I haven't done something like that for quite some time. so here it goes 1) Start the listener
% lsnrctl start
2) Start the Infrastructure database using sqlplus
% sqlplus / as sysdba
startup open;
3) Start the Oracle processes
 %> opmnctl startall
4) Start the enterprise manager console. (this consumes a lot of memory and system recourses, so it is better to avoid it unless you have to)
% emctl start iasconsole 

Starting up an OC4J Server

In this case just leave out steps 1) and 2) and use a command line like :
% opmnctl startall
% emctl start iasconsole
Note: When starting up a version 10.1.3 server then the emctl command does not need to be used at all. The management website is now a true J2EE application deployed by default and is always accessible is http://myhost:myport/em

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