Monday, 14 July 2014

CakePHP Find out the link that brough us to the current page

Most web applications today have some kind of menu build with anchor tags. The problem that the following script -- courtesy of my friend Anestis from -- solves, is how to determine the actual link that was used to bring the user to the currently displayed page.

To use it, place it inside a script tag towards the end of your app/Views/Layout/default.ctp file (just before the closing body tag, will do just fine) and a little bit of CSS code in your appropriate style file (again app/webroot/css/cake.generic.css is a good candidate).

The CSS code is pretty easy : {
    background-color: yellow; // add anything you like

and the javascript :

        <script type="text/javascript">
            // add the "active" class to the navigation link that brought us to this page
            jQuery( function() {
                // retrieve the relative url of the current page
                var curUrl = "<?php echo (Router::url( NULL, FALSE)); ?>";
                // in a cake application a relative URL is usually like
                // /application/controller/action/param1/param2 ...
                // so what we really need is the first three pieses of the URL
                var tokens = curUrl.split("/").slice(0,4);
                curUrl = tokens.join("/");
                // if there is any pagination information then the word "index" also appears in the URL
                // in this case we need to remove it, so it can match generated URL
                var indexIndex = curUrl.indexOf('index');
                if ( indexIndex > -1)
                    curUrl = curUrl.substring( 0, indexIndex - 1);

                // for each page anchor tag
                $('a').each( function() {
                    // retrieve the arnchor's target
                    var ref = $(this).attr("href");
                    // so if that anchor points to the current page
                    if(ref === curUrl){



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