Thursday, 27 September 2007

ADF Tables. Changing the colour of negative valued columns

My users asked me if it would be possible to display negative values of an ADF table using a different colour than the rest.

The solution turned out to be something as simple as defining two CSS classes like this :

.redFont {
    color: Red;
.blueFont {
    color: Navy;

The last step was to bind the StyleClass property of the adf:outputText elements using the following EL expression :

#{row.myColumn.value > 0 ? 'blueFont' : 'redFont'}

Monday, 17 September 2007

SuSE Linux Yast Repositories URLs changed

During the last week, I have have noticed a change in the URLs of various package repositories in openSUSE. The correct URLs are still available at the Additional YaST Package Repositories page in the openSUSE website.

If your update system starts complaining about unaccessible repositories,then I suggest you have a look. The good news is that if you start the Add remove update sources applet from YaST and select ignore or skip from the dialog boxes complaining about faulty URL's then the system gives you a chance to remove all non working update sources immediately.