Friday, 4 April 2014

Setting up Environment variables before Apache starts

That was the third time I had to look this up, so I am putting it down for reference.

On Red Hat machines, apachectl sources /etc/sysconfig/httpd, so any variables you set there will be available to the apache runtime environment. Debian based systems use /etc/apache2/envvars for the same purpose.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Linux (EL6) Required packages for installing the 64 bit Oracle 12c Client

The Oracle documentation has a list of the packages required in order to install the database client software for Enterprise Linux 6.

Since the minimum versions requirements are satisfied on an updated EL6 system, all one has to do is just copy and paste the names into a single yum command in order to complete the step. Did it once this morning and I hope that if I ever have to repeat it, I will just copy and paste the following:

yum -y install binutils compat-libcap1 compat-libstdc++-33.i686 compat-libstdc++-33.x86_64 \
gcc gcc-c++ glibc.i686 glibc.x86_64 glibc-devel.x86_64 glibc-devel.i686 \
ksh libgcc.i686 libgcc.x86_64 \
libstdc++.x86_64 libstdc++.i686 libstdc++-devel.x86_64 libstdc++-devel.i686 \
libaio.x86_64 libaio.i686 libaio-devel.x86_64 libaio-devel.i686 \
libXext.x86_64 libXext.i686 libXtst.x86_64 libXtst.i686 \
libX11.x86_64 libX11.i686 \
libXau.x86_64 libXau.i686 \
libxcb.x86_64 libxcb.i686 \
libXi.x86_64 libXi.i686 \
make sysstat

PS: If not running this as root, remember to prefix this with sudo :)