Friday, 27 March 2009

JDevelopr 10g to 11g. It's a long way to migration

Today i tried migrating a simple project from JDeveloper 10g ( to 11g ( )and the results are mostly disappointing.

A picture is a thousand words.

Migration Results
Browse Page
Search Page
This is how the application looks today. ... and here is how it ended up after migration......

Just for the shake of complicity, I have to report the following :

  • Migration finished without any exceptions being thrown at the console. The only warning message that appears when opening the project is :
    Mar 30, 2009 9:43:18 AM oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.taglib.JDevTaglibUtils _parseFail
    WARNING: Invalid TLD Location, TldUtils parse failed for URL : jar:file:/home/oracle/jdeveloper/mywork/AS400-Materials/ViewController/opt/oracle/Middleware/jdeveloper/jlib/adf-faces-databinding-rt.jar!/META-INF/databinding.tld
  • Although attribute labels are not shown in the search page, the Attribute properties page displays them correctly.
  • The initial JSF navigation diagram, does not display any graphic, despite the fact that I see no error ether on the message window or the console.

I feel like I want to complain to somebody, but I am not sure to whom.

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