Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Changing the JDeveloper IDE font size

If you are like me and wish that the JDeveloper IDE displayed using a bigger font, then thanks to Khaled from Oracle support all you need to do is shut down JDeveloper, and then add a line like the following in the file located in \jdev\system\oracle.jdeveloper.10.1.3.X.Y.


Finally start JDeveloper and you are done.


  1. The actual X, Y values in the oracle.jdeveloper.10.1.3.X.Y may vary depending on your version of JDeveloper. In X=41 and Y=57, while in X=42 and Y = 70. Anyway the safest approach is to have a look at the Oracle IDE version in the versions tab of the JDev about box as show in the image below.
  2. Needless to say that the same goes for SQLDeveloper. The only difference is that he file to edit is located in ~/.sqldeveloper/system/oracle.sqldeveloper. If using SQLDeveoper version 1.5 that comes with the new JDev11g look and feel then again the file chek is .sqldeveloper/system1.
  3. On Jdeveloper 11g the file location is ~/.jdeveloper/system11. Once more the actul path may be determined by looking at the Oracle IDE version from the about box.

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