Thursday, 6 December 2007

ADF BC Canceling edits in the current record of a ViewObject

The number of things that one man misses becomes frightening especially when something is as crucial as a cancel edits button in a record display form.

Up until now I have been using a Rollback action binding to cancel any edits. Of course that was also casing current record information to be lost, so I had to rely on Steve Muench's Restore Current Row After Rollback from his Not Yet Documented ADF Sample Applications in order to keep my data in sync..

Revelation came as I as was browsing for the 9999th time the version of the Tutorial for Forms/4GL Developers. The magic function that makes a view record refresh and forget any changes is as simple as that.

public void cancelEditsToCurrentServiceRequest() {

Shame on me!

On second thought Muench's approach is more centric and may come in handy especially if a program has many view objects through which users enter data. Of course writing cancelEdits functions is clearer but has to be done for every view object that we require to use. The choice is still ours.

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