Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Linux: How to mount Windows Shares with Samba at startup

This posting applies for SuSE systems only. If you are using Red Hat or any of its clones like CentOS or OEL for example, then information required for mounting windows shares at startup can be found at this very neat and precise article at the CentOS Wiki website.

Install the samba-client package. After installation you end up with a directory named /etc/samba.

thanassis@lxbakalidis:~> rpm -q samba-client

Create the mount points for the new directories. Mine are at /mnt

Add appropriate entries inside the file named smbfstab located inside /etc/samba.

The entries in /etc/samba/smbfstab must have the following form :

//my_windows_pc/my_share  /mnt/my_dir  cifs   username=windows_user,

Note that the the above statement should be placed in a single line. You need one sutch line per mount point. It is also a good idea to use case sensitive references to windows shares especially if mounting drives from Windows NT.

Next, use the iocharset addition only if your Linux machine is not configured for UTF-8.


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